More Maud


blog-more-maudI promised more Maud – here she is. is she a star or is she a star? 

More Maud

                                       (Is she a star or is she a star?)

We all worked. We had to do. We didn’t get summat for nowt then you know. I were thirteen when I left school – an I’m talking about work. Just listen to this. It were World War One, t’others had got wed and there were only one left and it were [me] Maudie and young ‘uns were too young. So she had to go in shop with her mother, fish and chip frying. And in those days you know, you didn’t get it filleted, you had to cut it, carve it and cut it again. Oh, it were hard work yer know!  Then all of a sudden we couldn’t get any dripping, so me mother had to shut up. So I had to go out to work then, I went to work at match mill.   In them days they always filled the boxes of matches up. They don’t now you know; you pay five pence for a box and its half empty. True!

Then at sixteen or seventeen I started running around with lads, you know and it were hard working and I had to go back and work in the shop at night but I got one night a week off, got one night only and it were Wednesday and did I make good dos of that Wednesday? I came in when I were ready. Me and my pal, we got two postmen and we never told them what we did for a living. One said summat to me one day and I said I worked at Burtons. And she said same, because we didn’t want them to know you see. And they were postmen both of ‘em. Weell, every Good Friday, on my life, did that kit ‘o’ fish get lost. So I had to go lookin’ for it. So, me mother had give me a kit bag and I had to get on bus and get to Marsh Lane Station to get fish, see. When I gets to Marsh lane Station they said it wasn’t there, it’s at other station you know. So, up to other station I go. And when I gets there, there’s this big kit ‘o’ fish you know. Well, I couldn’t carry that. So this man that was on says, ‘I’ll tell you what to do love,’ he says, ‘I‘ll cut so much out of the barrel and you can get back to your mother with that and your mother can be cooking it while your father comes for some more.’ So, Maudie’s getting these big haddock out and you know and a GPO man comes in, driving one of those little things with all the parcels on. Well I sees it’s me chap. Oohh! I didn’t know where to put myself. I hid myself behind ‘o’ piece ‘o’ haddock but that wouldn’t do, neither. Oh, I thought to myself, he hasn’t seen me. So off I goes and then comes back and collects some more. Saturday night in shop, in shop with mother you know, telling tale of me life as usual, well she were awful for talking, that young Maudie – I’ve grown a bit quieter of lately. I’m frizzling away like, turns round, both chaps were in.  ‘e says, ‘This is a funny place to work,’ he says, ‘I though you said you worked at Burtons!’  That were one romance, oooh!    

            Then another time I missed the last bus home. I only had one night a week out and I came home when I was ready you see and it were awful for none of the others ever did. They were all prim and proper do you see and I were the black sheep of the family just because I liked a jig. And I missed all the buses, and I’m in York Road and at that time you could come home late, it didn’t matter nobody mugged you. You could come up Richmond Hill it wouldn’t matter would it? Well, I were right tired and a 32 seater came and stopped again the Hope Inn you know and ‘e says, ‘Do you want a lift up Richmond Hill?’  And I say, ‘Yes.’ So, I sat in bus, it were a 32 seater and he brought me right to Ellerby Lane stop. Now wasn’t that good of him? But then you know, they didn’t do no mugging then, did they? That’s a new name, that mugging, int it?


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