Vera’s Contribution to Eddie’s Tale


Contributions to Eddie’s tale by Vera Belshaw

I have Just Read yours and Eddies July and August contributions. They were brilliant for its put down just the way it was, Immediately transporting back in time recalling people and places of long ago.
I was born in Ascot Street in 1927, lived in The Bank from 1929 to 1936 then moved to Sussex Crescent till the 50s. Found this picture among some family photographs. It’s Ascot Street party celebrating King George the V Silver Jubilee in 1936. I thought it might be useful for the East Leeds Memories site. I know most of the people there, the lady with the teapot is my aunt…Annie Douglas (known locally as, Annie Sanders.)

Thanks Vera for that lovely contribution to the site.

6 Responses to “Vera’s Contribution to Eddie’s Tale”

  1. Jackie Hainsworth Says:

    Vera did you know Mona and Nora Ormiston,who lived in the Clarks and went to Richmond Hill School,My Mam and Aunt?

  2. Edward Blackwell Says:

    Thank you Vera for your kind words, my Grandma lived in Ascot Street opposite Quarmby’s fish and chip shop. She looked after me during the war whilst my Mum was at work, but that was 1938 to 1943, Her married name was Connor, however they had lived their a number of years before that, she had five daughters, Agnes, Ethel, Alice, Margaret and Eileen, don’t suppose you’ll recall them as you were very young when you moved to the Bank. Thank you for the picture it’s before my time, but I’m sure someone will have memories of it, looks like the Pontefract Lane end of Ascot Street, opposite cross Ascot Street I would guess, thanks again for your contribution, take care..

  3. Vera Belshaw Says:

    for Jackie Hainsworth;

    Sorry Jackie did’nt know any one in the Clarks streets for they were the other side of the Railway Track and a bit too far from the Ascots.
    Best Regards.

  4. Vera Belshaw Says:

    for Eddie Blackwell re’ Ascot St.;

    Though my home was elsewhere I grew up in Ascot St. for like you Eddie I was looked after so my Mum could go to work. This was by my Aunt at my Grandfathers house No 53. This was the top end of the street. The only family I knew in the area where your Gran lived were called Moss, the three youngest girls Mary, Betty and Joyce were just three of the many friends I had round there. Mary’s on the photograph I sent, at the front on the left, I’m on the right.
    1941. I left School and spent less time at No.53. and as we all started work, sadly we drifted apart and lost touch. Looking at the dates Im’ sure Eddie we lived in Ascot St at the same time. Can remember some of their names like the Birdsalls, Stuart’s, Roberts, Eaglens, Thomson, Moss, Micklethwaits and Mrs Clark’s Fruit & Veg house shop in the top half. Your Gran l can’t place but then there were quite a few elderly people that I didn’t know.
    Prior to W.W2. there seemed to be some of the old families my parents knew for I understand they both grew up there, Sanders at No 53. Hodgsons, Lower down. What I can’t remember is what happened to the streets were they demolished and properties rebuilt, or is it just another patch of green grass and now’t left.
    Best regards.

  5. Edward Blackwell Says:

    Thanks Vera, My Gran lived half way down opposite the Fish and Chip shop on the corner of Cross Ascot Street, I remember Mrs Clark’s fruit and veg, and it was a house/shop, I don’t recall the other names you mention Vera. I did make a visit to Berking Avenue recently. You wouldn’t recognise it now Vera, Devon Street and Ascot Street have all gone, and new houses have been built, but I didn’t get that friendly feeling that there was in the days we’re talking about, people seemed aloof, and there were bars up at windows and metal gates covering the doors and when I passed it seemed every house had a dog that barked or growled, don’t think we’d have been allowed to play out in those streets, like we did when we were young. It’s all changed Vera, Some of the streets old streets are still there, but they didn’t seem as welcoming as they were when I was young. It was just a fleeting visit and impressions can be wrong I did have a conversation with a small boy playing in a garden he had a Leeds United shirt on, and he asked me if I followed Leeds United, then he proceeded to tell me all about football, and how he went with his Granddad, which was more like old times. The Slip Inn was a mess it’s a supermarket now I think, with groups of people walking back and forth. It tired me out I, drove straight past East End Park didn’t stop, and I had to have a sleep when I got home…lol..
    Take care Vera, keep well, and thank you for your kind comments, Very best wishes and kindest regards….Eddie…x..

  6. Vera Belshaw Says:

    Like to wish all contributors to East Leeds Memories A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year .
    Looking forward to next years contributions.
    From Vera Belshaw nee’Sanders.

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