Our Old East Leeds Pubs and Schools are Morphing into Flats


East Leeds Past and Present
The face of our old East Leeds has changed greatly over the last few years. I have been out with my camera to record the new buildings alongside our old iconic buildings that they replaced. Should we weep for that we have lost or do we applaud their replacements? See what you think. Apologies for quality of pictures. ‘click’ on pictures to enlarge.

Old Bridgefield now new Copperfield’s home on
Site for people with special needs

Old St Hilda’s School, flats being built on site

Old Ellerby Lane School Flats on site

Old Fish Hut Ellerby House flats on site

Old Black Dog Flats on site

Old Waterloo pub Flats on site

Old Cavalier New Building on site

new slip


Princess cinema now a fish and chip shop Shepherd pub now flats. slip now a mini supermarket

Cross Green an American Diner Hampton now Flats

Old Victoria School New School on site

Poor old Spring Close Red Road but lost its colour


East Leeds club East End Park Club

Edmund House Club East Leeds cricket club

St Hilda’s St Saviour’s

Mt St Mary’s Old St Saviour’s school
Now Flats

All old East Leerdsers will surely but how has the Ivy Mount
Remember The East End Parky’s House? Fish and chip shop survived

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2 Responses to “Our Old East Leeds Pubs and Schools are Morphing into Flats”

  1. Doug Farnill Says:

    Thanks Peter for those before and after pictures. I’m being emotional rather than rational when I confess that I feel a bit sad to realise that those places I knew once, long ago, are now no more. It is probably just a touch of that very human tendency of nostalgia for the past. Maybe we should rejoice, old crumbling buildings replaced by the new, leaky roofs replaced, rat havens eliminated, etc. But to see a block of flats replace good old Ellerby Lance school where I once or twice rang the gong, and where me and a mate distributed the morning milk crates, leaves me with a bit of a palpable ache deep inside. Someone once told me that my old house, 17 Glensdale Terrace, had been used in a TV film on IRA terrorism, and had been literally “blown up” before that lower half of the Glensdales was redeveloped a few decades ago. That left me pained too. But thank you Peter, even though the pictures stir sad feelings it is nice to be stirred, and into many pleasant nostalgic memories as well.

  2. Edward Blackwell Says:

    Thanks Pete for that look into the past, at some of the iconic buildings of our youth, and as Dough has pointed out they do generate a nostalgia for that period, however change happens. Life moves forwards it’s the only way, and the buildings that replace the old ones may not hold for us the same importance, but they fulfil the needs of today. Who would have ever thought in our lifetime that exploration of the Solar System would be taking place, it was the stuff of science fiction, and the Eagle Comic. When I was a boy the nearest telephone that we could use was the Public Phone Box on that clearing opposite the Slip Inn, and I was always shy of using it, because I couldn’t see who I was talking to. Today I have 4-5 year old great/grandchildren ringing me on face-time to ask how and what I’m doing. Things have changed along with our environment, but we still have that nostalgic feeling when we see the buildings that stir our memories of the past.

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